The Scream of Time


Bernie (Trevor) received a call from his editor, Chris Williams. Bernie’s last batch of photos had a lot of shots of a woman with long, black hair and of an old, disgusting looking woman. Bernie is getting paid to take pictures of UFOs and UFO related things, not women. Bernie did not remember taking those pictures.

Sonja1 Sonja4

Dr. Ben Hinson (David) received an e-mail from his good friend Pete Allegrini. The message had gotten sent to the spam folder, and Hinson didn’t get it until over two weeks after it was sent. Hinson sent a response to see if Pete wanted to get together sometime, before reading the e-mail.

Arthur O’Shagnessy (Matt), a private investigator, received a letter from a Pietro Allegrini. The man seemed to think he was being followed, and the Blake’s Landing Police Department wasn’t any help (no surprise there). He included a check. The post office seemed to have some problems with it, as the letter was dated over two weeks before it was delivered.


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